Knowing the Basics of Eye Surgery

What is eye surgery and when does one need it?

The eyes allow you to see where you are going, marvel at majestic sceneries, read from books and novels and a lot more. Visual impairment can be very burdensome and one could not withstand being bereft of sight if he is born with such gift. When the eyes seem to be not functioning well, one goes to the ophthalmologist to seek for help in restoring back the 20/20 vision. This is where the high end process of eye surgery comes in.

Eye surgery is a surgery performed on one of the most fragile part of one’s body- the eye. It is typically performed by an experienced ophthalmologist. As the eye is a very delicate organ of the body, the surgeon handles the part with extreme care. Before the operation, the doctor performs inspection and readies the patient for the operation. During the operation, the team of medical practitioners ensures that every process is handled well and that every detail is taken care of. Once the operation is done, extreme cautionary measures in taking care of the body organ that has just undergone operation is also relayed by the doctor to his patient. The seasoned eye surgeon is responsible for choosing the method by which the patient’s eye will be operated.

Which eye surgery is best for you?

If you are thinking of undergoing an eye operation and you have researched about the procedure, you probably have encountered of the terms refractive eye surgery or laser surgery. Both the laser surgery and refractive surgery refer to the same eye operation. People often use the terms to mean the same thing. Others even call it laser refractive surgery.

The laser eye surgery has become a very popular method of correcting the vision of people. There are different types of laser surgery and below are some of those which are widely popular:

• LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) also wavefront-guided LASIK and Epi-Lasik
• PRK ( photorefractive keratectomy)
• LASEK (laser epithelial keratomileusis)

The boom of high technology has paved way for the emergence of the different types of refractive eye surgery. Problem with visuals can now be readily remedied by any of these types of laser surgery. It is best that you consult your doctor as to which procedure is most suitable for your eyes.

Steven Collins