Risks And Downsides Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery: The Risks Associated With the Procedure

Based on clinical studies, 85% of those who went through laser eye surgery were able to regain their normal eyesight thereby eliminating the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses again. Those who have low grade myopia have high success rates while those with hyperopia or far sightedness together with astigmatism, yield unpredictable results. The success or failure of the operation depends on several factors such as the severity of the eye problem and on the expertise of the surgeon.

The Downside of Laser Eye Surgery

Although the success rate of laser eye surgery is quite high making it one of the latest and safest eye corrective procedures in the medical world today, the risks associated with it cannot be discounted. Like any other surgical procedures that come with potential risks and complications, laser eye surgery is not an exception.

Here are some complications and risks associated with the procedure:

• Drying of the eyes. Most patients complain about having dry eyes immediately after the procedure. Although this can be easily remedied by eye drops and ample amount of time for healing, there are cases wherein plugs need to be attached to the eyes in order to stop the tears from flowing.

• Worsening of visual problems. In some cases, people who went through laser eye surgery lose their eyesight or experiences even worse eye conditions than what they experienced before the corrective procedure.

• Development of new eye problems. There are patients who complain about having additional eye problems after they went through the procedure. Most of the complaints include seeing halo, glare and starbursts. There are also those who get double vision after the eye treatment.

• Infection as a result of flapping. LASIK is conducted by flapping the surface of the cornea. And just like cutting any part of the body, it comes with potential risk of infection especially when not given proper attention after surgery.

These are only some of the noted risks and complications brought about by laser eye surgery. This can be prevented with proper handling of the surgical procedure and also by getting enough information on how to avoid these complications. Discuss the matter with your ophthalmologist for more information.

Steven Collins